Broken Darling - DUST

Published on Jul 28, 2013

Directed by Jeff Preston

Photography by Jeff Preston and John Thoma

Gaffer - Josh Schneiderman







Broken Darling - The Band

Broken Darling consists of two guitars, a male and female vocalist, bass, drums and organ. The band's musical vocal versatility gives them a broad range of styles from folk rock to hard rock to ballads. From track to track the instrumentation is searing, light and expressive, tasteful and melodic. The best description their overall sound may be a melding of the past - David Gilmore, Neil Young, Chris Isaak and Bob Dylan - with the added "pop texture" of the present. "We try to bring the listener to another place, as if leading them down a dark corridor or toward something typically peripheral or unveiled". Whether fragmented or continuous, lyrics are full of imagery and color, influencing the listener beyond the medium of just sound. Performances have been well received by a diverse audience.